Pearl River Resort prepares to reopen

Officials at Pearl River Resort and Bok Homa Casino are taking major steps in preparation for reopening after being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The resort plans include strict sanitation and safety protocols, required facemasks for associates, installation of plexiglass barriers, additional hand sanitizer stations added throughout the property, many slot machines turned off and chairs removed to ensure social distancing, table games to allow a limited number of players, maximum of four guests per elevator and restaurants will have distanced seating and limited occupancy.

The Resort has also taken additional measures to protect guests:

  • Trane UV Light Air Cleaning System– UV lighting technology system will be installed to filter and clean the air as it circulates throughout the casinos.
  • Hold Safe Handrail UV Disinfection Units–Advanced UV technology will be utilized on the handrails of the escalators and sky-bridge walkways to continuously disinfect as they rotate.
  • Chip Cleaning Machines – Chip cleaning machines will be used to clean and disinfect gaming chips at all table games.
  • Electrostatic Spray Technology– During designated times, sections of the gaming floor will be closed to allow for cleaning. The electrostatic spraying technology uses an electrical charge to dispense the appropriate sanitizers and disinfectants in a spray mist to wrap around and evenly coat surfaces for a more complete clean.