In a spray of fog, hopes for safer commutes and travels amid coronavirus

While major airlines are still exploring the prospect of using antimicrobial coatings inside their jets, almost all are using surface disinfectants dispersed by electrostatic sprayers to kill germs on the spot.

“We have eight minutes to do the whole plane,” said Jeremiah Gray, the chief operating officer of EvaClean, whose product is used by Delta Airlines on the planes and at the gates and inside terminals. “It is a testament to the efficiency of our product and the ability to disinfect rapidly.”

The disinfectant is dispersed in a mist via industrial sprayers that release “charged droplets,” which can magnetically attach themselves to surfaces, allowing for more efficient and even coverage, Gray said.

In April, Delta released video of cleaners using electrostatic sprayers to disinfect its planes in an effort to assure customers the product offers a “quick drying process” that makes it “immediately safe to breathe on board.”