Three pandemic-proof products of the future

Here are a few of those products worth talking about:

  • Thermal imaging glasses: The company behind them, Chinese startup Rokid, claims they can detect body temperature from a distance. A product like this could help airport workers, for example, so they can spot someone with a fever and then broadcast the feed directly to doctors for advice.
  • Disinfectant spray guns:We’re also seeing companies design and market disinfectant spray guns. Unlike common household sprays, these guns from companies like EvaClean use charged particles to fully cover all surfaces. They’re mostly out of stock because demand is so high right now, so expect to see them in offices, schools, and gyms soon.
  • CleanKey:This one is great for people with a newfound fear of touching things in public. The CleanKey by SmartKey is marketed as a keychain tool that allows you to open doors, push buttons and use touchscreens without using your hands. The CleanKey is also made with copper alloy, which helps ward off germs on the tool itself.