Business Spotlight – Best Western Pembroke

The Best Western Pembroke has taken a team approach to dealing with the pandemic. The building not only houses a hotel, but also a full-service restaurant, conference facilities, a pool, and a gym. Due to these many uses housed under one roof, the Best Western has had to be innovative and focus on guest and customer safety. The hotel has also purchased an Evaclean fogging machine to clean throughout the building and in all guest rooms.

One desk at a time, custodians clean Montrose County schools during COVID-19 pandemic to keep students, staff safe

If the school becomes aware of a staff member or student who is sick or if there is a suspicion it’s COVID-19, the classroom will be emptied. Then the custodians will thoroughly clean the room by wiping down the surfaces and spraying with a cordless electrostatic sprayer using water-dissolving PURTABS, which are fast dissolving disinfecting and sanitizing tablets.


Thomas Whitley, a custodian at Cottonwood Elementary, uses an electrostatic sprayers to disinfect desks and chairs in a classroom Tuesday. The district uses PurTabs in the sprayers that leave the room with a chlorine, clean smell.

MSBSD custodial staff crucial to covid mitigation

Before Mat-Su Borough School District reopened schools in August, massive orders of cleaning supplies and equipment were placed and shipped to the Valley.

Along with hand pump disinfectant sprayers, large backpack cleaning sprayers have been utilized by custodial staff.

Keeping it clean: Embassy Suites Napa Valley fights spread of COVID-19

By adopting new technology and new procedures, the hotel is making its facilities as germ-free as science and technology allow, said hotel spokeswoman Sara Swiger.

A new sanitation process has been implemented “to deepen the property’s commitment to a safe and clean environment throughout the hotel space,” she said.

The technology uses an electrostatic disinfectant tool from a company called EvaClean. The products use sanitizing chemicals with electrostatic molecules to kill germs and viruses on surfaces.

This technology goes well beyond the Center for Disease Control’s sanitation guidelines, said Swiger.

To Battle Covid, Airlines Bet on Disinfectants That Come With Questions

Make no mistake—killing the virus that has killed a million people world-wide is the priority. But scientists say long-term effects of one chemical used by several airlines, including the three biggest U.S. carriers, aren’t well known, and multiple applications of it each day hasn’t been studied. The chemical is a quaternary ammonium compound. QACs, or quats, have been linked to lung damage and asthma.

Airline workers in Orlando, elsewhere worry about jobs as CARES Act deadline nears

Delta Air Lines worker Chuck Gould uses an electrostatic sprayer to disinfect a Boeing 757-232 at Gate 71 of the Orlando International Airport.

The “electrostatic” treatment, along with high-volume, high-efficiency air filtration systems are used widely by airlines.

The worker’s backpack pump made a purring sound and its hose nozzle hissed as it ejected a liquid disinfectant formulated to be non-corrosive for aircraft and electrically charged to cling to whatever it touches.

Back To School 2020: Part Three

“We’ve got the seats marked, right now we’re only allowed to carry 12 students, we’ve got the seats staggered,” said Bernard Johnson, the transportation technician/school bus driver and trainer for SCPS.

After every ride, SCPS has invested in electrostatic sprayers to be used to sanitize the whole bus. As well as additional sprayers to go inside of each school.

Delta gives behind-the-scenes look at COVID-19 cleaning procedures

Delta Air Lines showed FOX 35 some of the changes it's made for passenger safety during the pandemic.

From Plexiglass at the counters to enhanced cleaning on the planes, Delta airlines gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the changes it’s made at Orlando International Airport.

Kroll explained that “the cleaning team is committed to disinfecting all high touchpoints. We spray the aircraft with what’s called electrostatic spray, which is a high-grade disinfectant.”

Greenville ISD students returning to school Tuesday

For the disinfecting, custodial staff will be using EPA-rate virucides as general cleaners. After school hours, the custodial staff will also use electrostatic sprayers on surfaces including desk and countertops, doorknobs, keyboards and faucet handles. The electrostatic charge of the sprayers is touted as “allowing the droplets to attract to surfaces rather than float in the air,” according to their manufacturer, EvaClean.