Today’s New Employee Safety Culture is Benefitting Hotel Workers, Guests in Big Ways

Hoteliers say hope is on the horizon and newly implemented procedures and technologies are helping them better protect their people and meet guests’ demands.

"To attract tomorrow's travelers, cleanliness and 'contactless-ness' go hand in hand," Reed said. "Several hotel companies are leveraging cleaning technologies and electrostatic sprayers to sanitize and disinfect surfaces.

Klein ISD revamps bus cleaning policies during COVID-19 pandemic

The school year kicks off for Klein Independent School District Tuesday morning, and a question on parents’ minds, how safe are the buses in the middle of a pandemic?

Josh Rice, Director of Transportation Services for Klein ISD, is charged with the task of keeping buses safe and clean.  “In my 20 years of being in the transportation industry I feel like the buses are cleaner than they’ve ever been,” said Rice.

What it looks like to disinfect East Providence schools during a global pandemic

As school districts prepare to reopen, East Providence is putting to use a disinfecting tool it's had for years to keep surfaces clean: an electrostatic sprayer.

"You can spray it on a desk and not only does it hit the top of the desk, it wraps itself around," Director of Facilities and Security Anthony Feola said. "You can walk up and down and all the hard surfaces will be sprayed."

An arsenal of cleaning supplies used in fight to protect against COVID-19

Acme Paper & Supply Co., Inc. vice-president Andy Attman not only provides schools with products needed for cleaning but guidance on best practices to keep students and staff safe.

 “We supply a full range of products, disinfectants to protectants. A disinfectant highly that we use is the Protexis sprayer with PurTabs. It’s a chemical sprayer combination,” Attman said.

According to the EvaClean website, the company claims its Protexis electrostatic sprayer can reach up to three times more surfaces in the same time it would take to use buckets, rags, and wipes.

Air travel slowly recovers during pandemic amid efforts to sanitize, social distance

“Now we’re boarding from the back of the aircraft to the front of the aircraft to minimize touch-points, and, for now, no one sits in the middle seat,” said Macagno, the managing director of Latin America, Caribbean and South Florida.

Macagno also said Delta Airlines is focusing on cleanliness from airport door to airline seat. To do so, planes are undergoing a “triple-layer cleaning” that involves electrostatic spray disinfection. The system turns disinfectant liquid into aerosols. A charge moves each droplet to surfaces.

Keeneland Outlines Jockey Protocols for Fall Meet

All jockeys quarters will be sanitized throughout the day and receive another deep cleaning each evening after the rooms are vacated. The products Keeneland is using to disinfect the entire facility is a combination including BioProtect, EvaClean/Puretabs and P&G’s Spic and Span– all of which are EPA-registered.

Many Of Chicago’s Biggest Buildings Sit Virtually Empty; What Will Life Look Like When Remote Working Is Over?

O’Hare International Airport, Navy Pier, Willis Tower; some of Chicago’s biggest sites are essentially empty these days.  CBS 2 Morning Insider Lauren Victory takes us inside one industry that hopes to safely get the masses back into the massive buildings in the Windy City.

Jose Quintana jokes he’s not the famous Cubs pitcher. He’s gearing up for a different game in Chicago: germ killer.  The electrostatic sprayer has become a popular pandemic sight, but the tool is nothing new for Quintana’s giant janitorial company, ABM Industries.  Even before the pandemic, the sprayers were commonly used by janitorial firms.

“We used them primarily in our education business. Education is focused on disinfection more because of the flu, and MRSA, and norovirus,” said Tom Gallo, ABM senior vice president of strategy and transformation.

New system will better sanitize buses on UAB campus

The University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Blazer Express bus system will be the pilot location for new electrostatic sprayers to better disinfect vehicles.  

Groome Transportation, the system’s vendor, will provide the materials and training for the new technology, a process that exceeds CDC guidance for sanitization and is similar to the technology UAB Facilities is using for public spaces across campus.

“There are many surfaces on our buses and vans, and we have been proactive in keeping them sanitized often,” said André Davis, director of UAB Transportation. “This new system will make quick work of this process and help us support UAB’s mission to be the safest campus in the nation.”

With some in-person learning set to resume this fall, Hopkinton schools turn to innovation to keep COVID-19 at bay

Cavanaugh tells Boston 25 her district got roughly $900,000 in CARES Act, or Coronavirus Relief, money and they have already spent over $100,000 of it on personal protection equipment (PPE) alone. Each of the district’s 4,000 students will receive their own face shields on the first day of class.

She also says her district did not skimp on sanitization and disinfection. The purchase of several electrostatic sprayers will help ensure every corner and crevice in every room in the district’s five school building get thoroughly cleaned.

John Glenn International Airport receives cleanliness award as pandemic continues

John Glenn International Airport has received Global Cleanliness Accreditation. It’s one of the first airports in the world to earn the GBAC STAR facility accreditation from The Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC).

The award is the cleaning industry’s gold standard of safe facilities when it comes to cleaning and disinfection in the wake of the pandemic. It provides third-party validation that facilities implement strict protocols for biorisk situations.