Airlines Deploy EvaClean Infection Prevention System

A new electrostatic disinfection process is being used by the nation’s three largest airlines. The EvaClean Infection Prevention System developed by EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives includes: handheld and backpack Protexus Electrostatic Sprayers: PurTabs and PUR:ONE hospital-grade EPA registered disinfectant tablets effective against coronavirus yet safe for people and environment; best practices for cleaning protocols; training processes; and monitoring programs to achieve maximum safety and efficacy.

Cleaning crews hard at work in Billings Public Schools

Head Custodian at Billings Senior High School Rod Grotbo said cleaning is done in four steps. The first step involves using a cleaner to get the grime off, then spraying a disinfecting spray. After that, crews use another cleaner to wipe the residue off. Finally, cleaning crews use the new EvaClean Disinfecting Machines.

Reiter said the EvaClean Machines use technology to wrap surfaces with a disinfecting solution.

Reiter said the district currently has seven EvaClean Machines. He said the district ordered 36 more machines three weeks ago. He said they were supposed to arrive within a week, but have been delayed due to the coronavirus.

Local business disinfects Wachusett Brewing Company to fight coronavirus

Wachusett Brewing Company in Westminster had EverWell Cleaning Service of Westminster into the brewery on Wednesday to show off their 3-step protection system. Co-founder of EverWell John Miller shows off the steps. Step two is to disinfect with a electrostatic sprayer. You let this dry and do not have to wipe it down. They have two types of electrostatic sprayers. This is the hand held model that is used for smaller spaces.

How airlines are disinfecting their airplanes

CNBC’s Phil LeBeau reports on how airlines Ryanair, United Airlines and Virgin Atlantic are reacting to the coroanvirus pandemic.  At minute 2:10, Interview with Jeremiah Gray, COO of EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives, developers of the EvaClean System.

Local company innovating new tech to stop the spread of germs on planes

Many airlines say they are stepping up and taking action to clean planes to prevent the spread of the coronavirus on aircraft amid the ongoing emergency.

Braintree-based EarthSafe is helping them get the job done thoroughly and even faster with their fogging machines.

“We started about four and a half years ago as an infection control company hospitals, nursing homes, daycare centers,” CEO Richard J. Valentine said.

Logan Airport has been a customer of the infection prevention company for some time but, airlines like Delta and American Airlines are jumping on board now too.

With schools getting a deep clean, Anchorage School District plans for coronavirus

It’s never a bad idea to do some spring cleaning.

Every school in Anchorage School District this week is going through a complete disinfection over spring break as district officials plan for what they’ll do if the new coronavirus shows up in Alaska.

“We’re going to superclean it and every surface and toy that can be in there,” said superintendent Deena Bishop.

So far there have been no cases of COVID-19 in Alaska, and the cleaning process isn’t actually that out of the ordinary for spring break, when schools typically get a good scrubbing. But this year custodians are bringing out the big guns, including seven new electrostatic sprayers that can more thoroughly coat surfaces with germ-destroying chemicals.

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How Staten Island gyms are disinfecting amid coronavirus

All Retro Fitness gyms will “complete mandatory deep cleaning with hospital-grade cleaning products at least twice per day,” according to the chain’s website.  Additionally, Retro Fitness staff will refill dispensers of hand soap, hand gel, spray bottles, wipes and paper towels, and wipe down the club’s technology items and surfaces that come in contact with people’s hands the most, like door and locker handles and blow dryers, every hour.


A Facebook video posted on the Retro Fitness gym in Tottenville shows an employee using EvaClean a cordless sprayer used to disinfect surfaces.