A safer world, today and tomorrow.

We started EvaClean because we wanted to make infection prevention a regular part of facility management — only without the long cleaning schedules, harsh chemicals, and bulky products. What we’ve created is a way to build a safer, healthier world at a lower cost.

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Man in mask uses electrostatic backpack sprayer in waiting room

Protecting your people and your facility.

We create products that are as affordable and easy-to-use as they are high-performing and earth-friendly. We know that when the right products and techniques are consistently used, we can reduce the risk of infection and keep everyone healthier.

We’re proud of what we’ve created, and we’re already looking at what’s next. At the end of the day, we’re not working just to keep spaces clean — we’re working to protect and save lives.

Man in mask and safety mask uses electrostatic sprayer on empty bus

We’re not like other disinfection companies.

Facilities are struggling to meet cleaning standards with limited staff and overflowing supply closets, all while trying to properly disinfect and clean. You’ll notice that our products don’t look or feel like traditional disinfection and cleaning solutions — but you’ll also notice that they work in less time, with fewer steps and greater coverage.