Consulting & Training

Infection Prevention Alliances.

PurExcellence is an all-encompassing program targeting process improvement, patient safety and cost reduction. We provide ongoing training, customized protocols, and help our partners achieve long-term sustainability.

Save 30% with PurExcellence consulting.

As part of the PurExcellence Program, we develop custom analyses of current cleaning protocols,  create comprehensive comparisons to confirm the many advantages of standardization and provide targeted education and training. By replacing multiple single-use products with a safer all-in-one chemistry, our partners realize greater efficiencies and cost savings of 30% or more, while protecting people and the planet with more sustainable infection prevention practices.

The value of partnering.

PurExcellence is a value-based program that includes a wide array of complimentary services that ensure our partners receive maximum benefits and see continuous process improvement. Our program is structured around six essential principles:

Site Survey

Site survey

  • Assess Current Cleaning Protocols
  • Analyze Chemicals and Usage
  • Calculate Cost Comparison


  • Reduce Complexity to Simplify Procedures
  • Standardize Protocols
  • Customize Cleaning Processes
Targeted Education

Targeted education

  • Training and Certification for Life
  • Improve Uniformity and Compliance
  • Increase Safety and Efficacy


  • Replace Hazardous Chemicals
  • Mitigate Cross-Contamination
  • Reduce Failure Points and Risks


  • Promote Eco-Friendly Practices
  • Minimize Shipping Impact
  • Decrease Waste and Losses


  • Increase Labor Efficiencies
  • Decrease Chemical Consumption
  • Cut Shipping Costs
MercyOne is focused on increasing patient safety. Partnering with PurExcellence and EvaClean’s complete infection prevention solution ensures EVS implements safer cleaning and disinfection processes.
Client, MercyOne Hospital