Keep students healthy from preschool to PhD.

Not only are outbreaks dangerous in educational settings, but student and employee absences can negatively impact students’ performance — and in some cases may be a threat to state funding.

Group of schoolkids sit around table with compuers
Empty school desks sit in front of chalkboard

A renewed focus on school sanitation.

Local preschools are regularly dealing with infections like Norovirus, Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, and the Flu. Meanwhile, infections continue to run rampant on college campuses, including meningitis and MRSA. EvaClean products are easy to implement in a one-room preschool or across an entire university campus.

We have been using our Protexus sprayer for the last several months in seven of our school buildings. Last week our city schools had to close their doors for four days because their numbers were down from the flu. Our county schools did not close down, and I think it is because we are using the Protexus sprayer in our school system.
Jason Givens, Facilities Director, Logan County Schools - Kentucky