PurExcellence Infection Prevention Certification

With the help of our dedicated healthcare team, science-backed education, and proven environmental disinfection solutions, PurExcellence Certification helps partners achieve higher levels of safety for patients and staff.

Understanding best practices for environmental cleaning and disinfection in hospitals and long-term care is critically important—too important to learn online, through recorded videos, or printed curriculum. That’s why the EvaClean Healthcare Team provides partners with a science-based education program and face-to-face training for all EVS and housekeeping staff. Receiving PurExcellence certification means staff have been trained and have the knowledge they need to be as effective as possible.

PurExcellence Certified Hospitals are partners who have trained 100% of EVS staff and have demonstrated excellence in infection prevention through research, leadership, management, and exceptional care of the environment. Partners who earn the distinction as a PurExcellence Certified Hospital are honored with our most prestigious award.

Infection prevention isn’t about selling cleaning and disinfection products. It’s about helping healthcare organizations save lives. Protecting patients from HAIs is an immense responsibility that should be shared with partners—partners who go beyond the call. That’s the PurExcellence difference.

Each PurExcellence partnership is unique, but all are 100% infection prevention focused. Every aspect of the program, from safety materials and surveys to staff huddles and awards, are designed to help partners reduce HAIs, raise compliance and HCAHPS scores, and lower costs.

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