Prevent health and financial risks.

Healthcare providers have an inherent duty to protect patients from getting sick during visits, and to give staff an environment in which to work. Our hospital grade disinfectants help you do it all.

Woman wearing stethescope sits with woman and looks at computer
Man wearing gloves holds electrostatic sprayer in hospital room

Hospital grade disinfectants & cleaners that are safe for everyone.

Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) kill thousands of people every year. They also bring significant penalties for noncompliance with CMS guidelines and may cost millions more from legal action brought by infected patients. EvaClean products can replace your current hospital disinfection and cleaning supplies and are proven to prevent HAIs through standardized protocols.

Using the EvaClean system has benefitted us in the fact that we have had no facility-acquired C.diff cases since January 2016, and during the winter season we also have not had one single case of flu or Norovirus.
Nadine Ryno, Infection Control Nurse, Village House Nursing and Rehabilitation