Disinfection in the palm of your hand.

Combine our tablet solutions with wipes to make cleaning surfaces effective, simple, and to prevent cross-contamination that often occurs with microfiber cloth.


Disposable wipes that are better for the planet.

Sometimes, you just need an easy way to wipe down contaminated surfaces. When combined with our cleaning tablets, our wipes kill everything from biofilm bacteria and COVID-19 to C. diff spores. 

Because we ship our wipes with a cleaning solution tablet, rather than already saturated, you’ll save on shipping. And we reuse the containers to cut back on what ends up in landfills.

1. Pick your size

EvaClean wipes are available in two sizes, allowing you to customize your disinfection and cleaning routine.

Wipes hero 4

2. Wait 5 minutes for saturation

Our wipes are designed for use with our EvaClean disinfectant products. Simply dilute the necessary number of cleaning tablets in water, pour over the dry wipes in the bucket, and wait 5 minutes for the solution to saturate the wipes.

EvaClean PurOne cleaner tablet dissolving in water

3. Clean and disinfect

Our products are formulated to kill 99.99% of bacteria - even in biofilm. Use them to wipe down food prep surfaces, or use them as an easy way to sanitize healthcare settings.

Hand wiping doorhandle with EvaClean wipe

Skip the microfiber cloth.

While microfiber rags can be reused, they’re often the source of outbreaks in many industries. Wipes encourages workers to use a new wipe for each surface they clean. And unlike microfiber rags, they don’t require regular washing, and there’s no doubt as to whether they are clean or contaminated.


A wide range of applications.

Whether you’re looking for a new sani-cloth disinfecting wipe or require a hospital grade disinfectant wipe, EvaClean wipes can be tailored to effectively clean your facility without the cleanup that traditional solutions require.


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