The EvaClean advantage

EvaClean products are proven to work just like traditional cleaning solutions, only they don’t expose your people or your facility to harmful chemicals.

2021 Evaclean product lineup

Sustainable solutions for complex cleaning.

Businesses have always looked to old-world solutions like bleach, mops, and buckets for infection prevention. These chemicals have high toxicity and are not suitable for sustainability — and traditional equipment takes up space and promotes cross-contamination.

EvaClean’s PurTabs and PurOne tablets are made with eco-friendly solutions that you mix with tap water. They’re easy to use and store, and they’re safer to use than traditional cleaning and disinfection methods.

Protexus Sprayer top view

Protexus Sprayer

Easily disinfect and sanitize hard-to-reach surfaces. The Protexus Sprayer covers up to 3x the surface area of conventional methods.

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PurOne container and product box


Our fast-dissolving cleaning and disinfecting tablets were the first cleaning chemical with an EPA-registered kill claim against bacteria present in biofilm.

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PurTabs container and product box


Our compact, concentrated PurTabs dissolve quickly in ordinary tap water, making it easy to adjust the strength to meet the unique needs of your facility.

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EvaClean wipes containers


Combine our wipes with our PurOne tablets to customize your disinfection and cleaning program, prevent cross-contamination, and clean your facility more efficiently.

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Products that adapt to your needs.

Regulations, standards, and infection prevention criteria are changing daily. Whether you’re looking for restaurant cleaning equipment, housekeeping supplies, or want to improve your hospital sanitation process, EvaClean products are created for a wide range of applications and industries.

Gloved hand sprays medical bed with bottle of PurOne disinfectant
EvaClean Protexus Sprayer side view

You get one shot at disinfection.

When it comes to keeping your space infection-free, there’s no room for error. We’re here to make sure that you have what you need to stop an outbreak in its tracks.