There’s Clean. Then There’s EvaClean.

Infection prevention solutions for life

An infection-free world is possible. And we believe we can get there without hazardous chemicals or complex disinfection and cleaning programs. Our products are easy to implement and bring a whole new meaning to the word “clean.”

EvaClean Products

protexus sprayer

Protexus Electrostatic Sprayer

Disinfect full rooms in just a few minutes. Our sprayer is light, easy to use, and can disinfect or sanitize up to 3x greater surface area than traditional programs.

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PURtabs product shot


Eliminate “measure and pour” guesswork. PurTabs dissolve into ordinary tap water, giving you the solution strength your facility requires.

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PUROne product shot


Kill biofilm bacteria with the drop of a tablet. Use PurOne sporicidal with your current cleaning equipment to tackle C. diff, COVID-19, and more.

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Wipes product shot


Pair wipes with our PurOne tablets to make cleaning and disinfecting high-contact surfaces quick and efficient.

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An infection prevention program customized just for you.

No two facilities have the exact same disinfecting needs. An EvaClean disinfection program includes expert guidance, sustainable products, and an efficient, safer user experience.

1 Expert guidance

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Expert guidance

Disinfecting is a science. Our PurExcellence program pairs you with a consultant to train your staff, ensure your disinfection program is effective, and keep your costs down.

2 Safer solutions

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Safer solutions

Whether you need to keep healthcare-acquired infections at bay or prevent the next outbreak of foodborne illness, our lineup of disinfectants boasts kill claims for some of the most difficult pathogens including C. diff, MRSA and COVID-19. All EvaClean solutions are eco-friendly.

3 Efficient equipment

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Efficient equipment

More and more industries are facing employee turnover and shortages, and facilities need to be disinfected faster than ever before. Our equipment is easy to train, straightforward to use, and remains at the forefront of cleaning technology.

Making public spaces safer.

You’ll find our EvaClean products in facilities across the country, from daycares to renowned hospitals.

The Protexus electrostatic sprayers and backpacks were instrumental in the ability to make guests and the hotel employees feel safe in our hotels. The PurTabs were easy to use and required minimal training. We were able to clean large spaces quickly and efficiently.
Alexander Gentles, VP, Global Human Resources, Marriott International
Man in mask uses electrostatic sprayer on airplane seats
EvaClean Protexus Electrostatic Sprayer

See what EvaClean can do for you.

Sanitizing and disinfecting your facility shouldn’t come at a high price tag — or with health risks of its own. We’re committed to combining sustainable chemicals and advanced technology to protect your facility and your people from dangerous pathogens.