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March 2, 2022 | Newsletter

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Welcome to the March edition of EvaClean Insights. Your source for all things infection prevention.

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Teamwork is the key to success for our founder, RJ Valentine

Authority Magazine featured an in-depth interview with our founder Richard “RJ” Valentine. Over the years, RJ combined his passion for business with his auto racing career and achieved remarkable success in both. As a professional driver, RJ had over 400 pro starts with a championship win at the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona, and as a serial entrepreneur, he built dozens of market-leading businesses in diverse industries.

RJ is majority owner of many companies but, has devoted the last several years to establishing EvaClean as a globally recognized solution for a safer, more sustainable infection prevention.

He credits EvaClean's success to having a world-class leadership team. “I have a gift for spotting talent and building top-notch leadership teams, and the EvaClean team is the best of the best.”

Like many of his other business endeavors, RJ's focus for EvaClean is on re-inventing the industry. “EvaClean’s purpose is to disrupt the chain of infection and keep people healthy. Our disruptive approach to disinfection is helping facilities save time, save money, and most importantly, save lives.”

Read more about RJ Valentine's racing and entrepreneurial spirit, and why he believes EvaClean's mission is more critical than ever.…

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EvaClean Introduces Agxa-AG International Infection Prevention Partners in Sri Lanka

As part of global expansion plans rolling out through strategic distribution alliances worldwide, EvaClean proudly introduces our newest partners Agxa-AG International. Agxa is a market leader in the global trading and technology sectors. The companies formed an exclusive joint venture in a unified effort to provide enhanced disinfection solutions and mitigate pathogens throughout Sri Lanka.

Anton Godfrey, Executive Chairman of Agxa – AG International, said, “This is the first integrated cleaning and disinfection system for Sri Lanka. Our partnership with EvaClean to offer the world’s most advanced solution will strengthen Agxa’s position as one of the few conglomerates with this level of breadth, depth, and focus.”

Agxa’s priority is to mitigate infectious diseases in Sri Lanka. However, the company is also aiming to deliver other beneficial effects as well. Businesses in all 26 Sri Lanka districts have severely limited budgets yet, are being urged to raise cleanliness and hygiene levels to stop the continuing spread of Covid. By leveraging EvaClean’s touchless electrostatic sprayer technologies, Agxa provides a way to reduce labor costs while increasing productivity.

Steve Wilson, CEO of EvaClean said, “EvaClean and Agxa share similar core values on the virtues of integrity, the pursuit of excellence and, sustainable business practices. We are united in our goal of supporting a healthier Sri Lankan population.” Click here to set up a free demonstration from our Sri Lanka team.

EvaClean Infection Prevention Spring 2022 Conference Calendar

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